2017 Fall Frolic

Photo's of the 2017 Smoky Mountain NCVA Reunion
CarlCox1a  The Welcome Rock CarlCox1b  Cass Scenic Railroad State Park CarlCox1c  The Little train that could, and did! CarlCox22  Bobby Freeman
CarlCox23  Suzannae Richter, Hank Kershner, Zane Nolen CarlCox24  Robert Siefkner, Zane Nolen, Ed Purcell, Jim& Ann Lindley, Mary Nolen, (end of table) Patsy Bearrentine, Jo Kershner. CarlCox25  Gus Gustafson, Steve Roberts, Dave Fiehtner, Joe Bearrentine & John Odell CarlCox26  Ed Purcell
CarlCox27  Zane & Mary Nolen CarlCox28  Mary Nolen CarlCox29  The CASS Railroad Store & Restruant. With train depot in foreground. CarlCox30  John & Portia Odell
CarlCox31  Porttia Odell CarlCox32  John Odell CarlCox33  Suzanne Ritchner, Nancy Moore & Bobby Freeman CarlCox34  Bobby Freeman and Suzanne Richtner
CarlCox35  You can figure em out! CarlCox36  Dave Fiehtner with Nancy Moore CarlCox37  Hank Kershner CarlCox39  Ed Purcell & John Peltier, Ron Green, Pete&Pattie Moore.
CarlCox40  Bobby Freeman, Suzanne Rithter, Carol Cox, Ann Lindley, Zane&Mary Nolen CarlCox41  John Peltier, Ron Green(back to camera) CarlCox42  Pete & Pattie Moore CarlCox43  Steve Roberts
CarlCox44  Gus (John) Gustafson CarlCox45  The Over Look at the top of the Cass Railrroad run. CarlCox46  Ed Purcell (Looking cold) CarlCox47  Ed Purcell & Ron Green
CarlCox48  Bobby Freeman CarlCox49  Carol Cox & Suzanne Richter CarlCox50  Joe Kershner CarlCox51  Hank Kershner with observatrion platform in background.
CarlCox52  Ed Purcell, Ann & Jim Lindley CarlCox53  Jim Lindley(still cold) with Ann and Zane and Mary Nolen CarlCox54  Gus Gustafson with train engineer. CarlCox55  Robert Siefker(with foot up)Zane Nolen looking bored.
CarlCox56  John Peltier CarlCox57  Carlton Cox Dave Fiehtner1  L-R: Carl&Carol Cox, Robert&Teresa Siefker, Ron Green, Ed Purcell, Suzanne Richter, Hank&Jo Kershner, Gus&Marguerite Gustafson, Bobby Freeman, John Peltier, Pete&Pattie Moore, Steve &Judy Roberts, Zane&Mary Nolen, Nancy Moore, John&Portia Odell, Joe&Patsy Bearrentine, Dave Fiehtner.  Missing is Jim&Ann Lindley Dave Fiehtner2  L-R: Robert&Florence Bacharach, Ron Green, Ed Purcell, Judy&Steve Roberts, Robert&Theresa Siefker, Zane&Mary Nolen, John&Portia Odell, Gus&Marguerite Gustafson, John Peltier, Hank&Jo Kershner,Nancy Moore, Joe&Patsy Bearrentine, Pete&Pattie Moore, David Fiehtner.
Dave Fiehtner CAFETERIA 1  1st Table: Dave Fiehtner, Pete Moore, Mary Nolen, Pattie Moore, Zane Nolen. Table on Right: Joe&Patsy Bearrentine, John&Portia Odell & Hank&Jo Kershner. Dave Fiehtner CAFETERIA 2  Gus&Marguerite Gustafson, Hank Kershner, John Odell, Joe&Patsy Bearrentine, Pattie More, Caerol Nolen. Dave Fiehtner CAFETERIA  L-R: Joe, Patsy, Portia, Jo John & Hank Dave Fiehtner History  This is history of Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park.
DaveFiehtner CASS BALD KNOB DAVE NANCY  Nancy Moore and Dave Fiehtner at the summit at the end of the Train Ride. DaveFiehtner CASS JB  Going up the mountain.  Joe Barrentine head poked out the window. DaveFiehtner CASS SMOKER  Beartiful picture of the Train puffing up the mountain. DaveFiehtner CASS WHITAKER STATION  Snack Bar at a pause in the trip back down the mountain. Mary Nolen, Jim Lindley, John Peltier, Joe Bearrentine facing the camera.
JimLindley01  John & Portia Odell JimLindley02  Nancy Moore & Dave Fiehtner JimLindley03  Joe & Patsy Bearrentine JimLindley04  Hank & Jo Kershner
JimLindley05  John Peltier, Ron Green and Ed Purcell JimLindley06  Carl & Carol Cox JimLindley07  Steve & Judy Roberts JimLindley08  Zane & Mary Nolen
JimLindley09  Robert & Theresa Siefker JimLindley10  Pete & Pattie Moore JimLindley11  At the Table: John & Portia Odell, Joe & Patsy Bearrentine, Ann Lindley, Dave Fiehtner JimLindley12  Jim & Ann Lindley
JimLindley13  Carl & Carol Cox, Robert & Theresa Siefker, Judy Roberts, Zane & Mary Nolen JimLindley14  Same Picture with Steve Roberts JimLindley16  Gus & Marguerite Gustafson JimLindley17  Robert & Florence Bacharach
JimLindley18  Dave Fiehtner with our waitress Name Unknown JimLindley19  Joe Bear presenting Host award to Jo & Hank Kershner JimLindley20  Carl Cox won the drawing for the Trump Bobble Head. JimLindley21  Theresa Siefker won the 50-50 Money drawing.
JimLindley22  The Taste test: Theresa & Robert Siefker JimLindley23  More taste testing: Florence & Robert Bacharach JimLindley24  The Winner ofThe Hat: Florence Bacharach JimLindley25
JimLindley26 JimLindley27  Rail Car "D", Dave Fiehtner, Hank Kershner, Jo Keshner, Patsy then Joe Bearrentine. JimLindley28  View of Mountians JimLindley29  Ed Purcell and Ron Green
JimLindley30  Carl Cox